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>> you're going to need a bigger boat >> he good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. president obama has put the issue of tax fairness front and center in this election. speaking in the east room of the white house, the president asked congress to immediately extend the bush tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year. >> the republicans say they don't want to raise taxes on the middle class, i don't want to to raise taxes on the middle class. so we should all agree to extend the tax cuts for the middle class. let's agree to do what we agree on. right? >> now, i'm going to show you some numbers in a few moments. you can be the judge. this really puts the republicans on the spot. they have to take a position on supporting middle class tax cuts without an equal tax cuts for the wealthiest of americans. now the romney campaign believes the best way to deal with the announcement is to say the president is raising taxes. president obama's response to even more bad economic news is a massive tax increase. here's the problem with the romney camp's statement. it is b
wander and if you have a backyard pool make sure you empty the pool after it is used or have it fenced so people can not drown if they wander into your yard ... >>know the limitations of your abilities >>if co-op in a rip current flap float follow do not fight the current ... cook county president toni preckwinkle has appointed a new county medical examiner. doctor stephen cina is currently the associate medical director of the university of miamis tissue bank. commissioners.. he will replace dr. nancy jones. jones announced her retirement last month after a backup of bodies at the county morgue came to light. a massive infrastructure project that's expected to create 20,000 jobs is coming to the chicago area. governor quinn will sign into law this afternoon the next phase of the "illinois jobs now" capital plan. the cost of the work is estimated at 1.6 billion dollars. among the projects: the resurfacing of nearly 100 main streets in chicago and the overhaul of the wells street bridge over the chicago river. as well as installing vaulted sidewalks and accessible ramps on portions of
're lucky to have him with us. please join me in welcoming general keith alexander. [applause] [laughter] >> just hide behind the -- well, you know, part of the reason i don't like the publicity is my mother used to say i had a face made for radio. i'm sure you've all heard that before. [laughter] and another comment you could probably add to it is behind every successful army officer is a stunned father-in-law. we have that as well. um, there's a few things that i'd like to talk about today, and i know we're going to have of a small group of about 25-30 people to do that with. and i see that's grown slightly. i'm not a mathematician per se. there are some things that i do want to put on the table for us to discuss, and i know we're going to have a panel that will talk about what we talk about here later in more detail. first, what secretary wolfowitz brought out, i think s absolutely important for our nation. cyber legislation. i think it's important that we talk about this. now, i'm not here to talk about any specific piece of legislation, but i do think it's important that we as a nat
's offshore accounts. with vice president biden actually using today's speech to a prominent hispanic group to demand romney release more of his tax returns. >> he wants you to show your papers but he won't show us his. >> it's kind of fascinating. >> while the president pressured the republican opponent in an interview with wnur in new hampshire. what's important is if you are running for president the american people know who you are. and what you have done and that you are an open book. that has been true of every presidential candidate dating all the way back to romney's father. the president's push for more disclosure came three weeks after he invokeed executive privilege to shield attorney general eric holder from turning over more documents in the "fast and furious" scandal. >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. small business owners are more pessimistic than they have been in a while. new survey shows decline in optimism in june. wiping out all positive gains achieved this year. political uncertainty is said to be the primary cause. the fitch rating service is leaving
, romney used the first town hall style meeting since may to blast president for proposing extension of the bush era income tax cut for individuals earning ove over $250,000. >> he announced a massive tax increase. >> he ridiculed mr. obama as liberal reactionary whose response to last week's dismal job report is propose tax hikes this week to kill the anemic recovery. >> the very idea of raising taxes on mall business and job creators at the time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only extreme liberal could come up with. >> romney spoke at a high school where the president visited three years ago. colorado has 9% unemployment. point higher than the 8.2% national rate. in iowa today, mr. obama ignored romney's call for tax cuts for everyone, to accuse the right of favoring only the rich. >> they want more tax cut for wealthiest americans on top of the existing bush tax cuts. they want to give $5 trillion more in tax cuts. that fight is a big part of what the election is about. >> president's attempt to brand romney out of touch raider for working at bain capital has been debunked
teams used helicopters hoping to find his body this afternoon underwater effort was called off surface operation will continue tomorrow. south side church broken into as many as 10 times hit again. area south police headquarters with more police investigating another robbery. just last week everything taken not bolted down. about 10 of the churches air conditioning units stolen. sound system this time as well as computers even the food being set aside to prepare meals for the port. or. the ministry says the pastor dealing with medical issues barely able to deal with the latest break- in talking to wgn placing her faith now someone stepping forward to help. police catch up with the culprits. , a man serving a life sentence tonight 1995 murder fedell caffey convicted of killing and deborah evans killing her other two children lawyer fedell caffey said it right to put on a defense happen but prosecutors failed to disclose one of the members was allegedly buying drugs from a key witness in the case. state attorney declined to comment. calling this strike to taxicab drivers refusing to tak
for anyone who believes they are a u.s. citizen, ensuring victims and witnesses of crimes are not inadvertently placed in removal hearings, and developing a strong oversight program in coordination with the department of homeland securities. with regard to the 287-g program, we have 68 active agreements. that number has not changed much over the years. 40 are in a jail setting. 20 involve task forces. eight involve both. the jail model continues to be the most productive by far, accounting for a little over 9,000 of the 9,500 removals this year. the task force model has proved much less productive. we are phasing out most such agreements as a result. for example, of the seven task force agreements we just ended in arizona, six of the seven had resulted in no removals of any kind for the last two years. with regard to overall enforcement, i think we'll ends the fiscal year with similar results to last year. that's about 400,000 removals. like last year, these removals will focus heavily on our enforcement priorities. over half will have criminal convictions. the vast majori
in general and this institution, the u.s. senate, should operate to get things done. we went through the amendatory process. you notice that the two leaders of the transportation and public works committee did -- they fought off all of the amendments that would have been killer amendments. they accepted some that they felt strengthened the bill, and we passed it something like high high0's70's to something in the teens. as a part of that bill, in the process several months ago when the transportation bill was on the senate floor, i had the privilege of offering an amendment -- again, bipartisan -- that was the amendment to restore the gulf of mexico after the effects of the b.p. oil spill. and it emanates from the fact that we have a fine that will be leviebe. mr. levin: i haved by a -- by -- and it d. mr. nelson: and it emanates from the fact that we have a fine that will be levied by a federal judge. the law allows for a certain amount for the judge to determine per barrel of oil spilled in the gulf of mexico. and the law in general allows for the amount to be levied against any ba
on, girls. >> reporter: it's a routine karen is used to -- feeding her cows -- but this usually happens later in the year -- october or november -- after the grass is gone. her pastures have never been this brown and barren this early. >> it's just devastating. it looks like what i count the desert. >> reporter: she has sold off 100 of her 250-head herd because she can't afford to feed them. the most severe drought in the state's history could soon claim her livelihood of three decades. >> if no significant rain comes, i'll have to go out of business. i just don't have any grass and won't be able to afford the hay prices. >> reporter: while government scientists say more than half the country is in some form of drought, this entire state is dry. farm equipment sits idle. there's nothing to cut and bale. the only real activity is at the sales auction, ranchers selling off cattle, a move experts say could raise beef prices by 10% over the next year. >> the bottom line is if we don't have cattle to produce calves then we're not going to have a calf crop. >> reporter: in a dozen yea
some of your first campaigns. i think about all of the places i used to travel in illinois, and the first race i ran as a state senator and michelle and i had to, like, xerox or go to kinkos and copy our flyers. we didn't have a tv budget back then, and we rode around in my car, and i filled it up with my gas, and i'm the one who got lost if i took a wrong turn and what's amazing, though, when i think about it is how many people you meet from every walk of life all across illinois in big cities, small towns, upstate, downstate, quads, you name it and you always hear similar stories from people about the parents, their grandparents and struggles they've gone through and how they've been able to find a job who paid a living wage and look after their families and the kids have done better than they did and those stories would resonate with me and michelle because that was our story. that was our lives and when i came to iowa for the presidential campaign. first stop, cedar rapids. first stop. [ applause ] first stop. cedar -- i love you back, and the first stop was cedar rapid
committee, my colleague, the gentleman from new jersey, my friend, mr. andrews, urged us to, and i quote, dispassionately examine the facts, end of quote. i agree with just that sentiment and would like to take a moment to do just that. earlier this year, the centers for medicare and medicaid, c.m.s., reported that health insurance premiums are expected to rise by over 44% over the next nine years as a result of obamacare and since obamacare was signed into law, there's been a steady decline in the number of americans on private health insurance. a report from the mckinsey group found that more than 50% of employers had a high awareness of the law and they said that they would stop offering health insurance, confirming what republicans have been saying nor three years -- for three years, and that is that obamacare is designed to force employers to drop coverage in an attempt to get americans to enter the new health care exchanges. madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to include the "wall street journal" article on this report. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sessions: a
the places i used to travel in illinois. the first race i ran as a state senator, michelle and i had to xerox or go to kinkos and copy our flyers. we didn't have a tv budget back then. we rode around in my car, and i filled it up with my gas and i'm the one who got lost if i took a wrong turn. what's amazing, though, when i think about it was how many people you'd meet from every walk of life all across illinois in big cities, small towns, up state, down state, quads, you name it. and you'd always hear similar stories from people about their parents, their grandparents, the struggles they had gone through and how they had been able to find a job that paid a living age and to look after their families and their kids had done a little better than they did. those stories would resonate with me and michelle because that was our story. that was our lives. and then when i came to iowa for the presidential campaign, first stop, cedar rapids, first stop. [ cheers and applause ] first stop. >> we love you! >> i love you, back. the first stop was cedar rapids. then we went on to waterloo, and that was
to better protect the us air and surface transportation from a possible terrorist attack. a former transportation department official, tom blanks, will testify alongwith a couple of counter terrorism experts. this hearing has been underway for about 10, 11 minutes. and we're hearing opening statements now. >> to continue to improve the system that secures our nation's skies. today we'll take a closer look at tsa's risk based approach and the effort. there have been many changes and they are looking forward to those changes the threat to inbound passenger and cargo flights remains reality. these threats can only be resolved if members of body are not afraid to ask difficult questions or embrace difficult answers and not take a widespread view we must throw out the transportation security administration. our witnesses will discuss various ideas of improving tsa risk based approach to secure the aviation sector. as authorizing committee for tsa it is appropriate for us to consider ideas for those who do not work for tsa i look for to hearing from police alonzo a flight attendant how t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)